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In January, 2015, I was humbled, honored, and pleased to be in the semi-finals for the 2015 Kairos Prize, sponsored by Movieguide. Though I didn’t win, I traveled to L.A. for the Movieguide Gala to re-connect with some of my Hollywood friends. Here I am with a new fave, Bumblebee. You can read more about this in the related blog entitled “Transformers.”

From early childhood, I knew that I wanted to be a writer. I wrote poems for my parents, cousins, seasons, and, later, boyfriends. All before I made it to high school. I wrote a cool scary story in 6th grade. High school included everything from journalism (which helped me with college expenses and a trip to the then-Soviet Union in the late 1960s), to debate and extemporaneous speeches, to a mastery of iambic pentameter, which was my version of "nerd speak," being a 4-eyed, not-too-popular girl stuck in orthopedic shoes. 

Years later, and with two degrees in English and one in Accounting, I have published two books and am currently working on a third, as well as on a couple of scripts and other things. I won the 2003 Word Journal Poetry Prize with my poem, "Duende," and published a number of poetry reviews and a few poems in various literary journals. I may someday publish another poetry collection, but am right now focusing on other genres. 

My goal in writing is to connect with people who are struggling with various issues of identity, emotional trauma, or disappointment with life, people whose circumstances or relationships have let them down, leaving them alone, distressed, and hopeless. My objective is to give the reader a sense of value, purpose, acceptance, hope, and reconciliation through the stories I tell and the poems I write. In "holding forth the word of life," I seek to affirm the reality of meaning, the importance of the individual, and the sovereignty of the Triune God and His unfailing love.   


In September, 2013, I had fun learning about film-making at a seminar taught by Ted Baehr of Movieguide, and screenwriter SJ Murray.

Here I am with actor Ben Davies and friend Roman, at my graduation party.

Can you guess who the actor is (in the center of the photo)? None other than Ben Davies, whom I felt privileged to meet, along with his friend Roman.

Below, are a couple of pictures from that seminar and "graduation party" which followed. 


You can read more about my screenwriting endeavors on the Fiction & Drama page. Movieguide.org is an excellent resource for families who want to be media and culture wise in their choices of viewing entertainment. 


Here I am (left photo) with SJ Murray and Dr. Ted Baehr, receiving my certificate of completion of the film-making seminar in September, 2013. I met a lot of wonderful people there. What a great learning experience and opportunity to grow as a writer and as a movie viewer. 


For anyone who is wondering about the impact of media on their children or themselves, I

recommend The Culture-Wise Family by Ted Baehr and Pat Boone. 


And to the right, I'm pictured with Ted Baehr, taken at the seminar.



And below, there I am with my husband of 26 years and counting. 







Click here for my award-winning poem and a selection from my book Angel Unaware: Poems.

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